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Department of Animal Biotechnology, Anand

Department of Animal Biotechnology


        ORF  is a Research Facility created under Department of Animal Biotechnology which is an off shoot of Department of Animal Genetics and Breeding. It was started as a part of AGB in 1999 and emerged as a separate department in year 2006.This lab equiped with Genome Sequencer FLX and Ion Torrent, is a pride possession of this department. It is a workhorse with capacity to produce 1GB data in a day.Whole genome sequencing of Jaffrabadi buffalo was carried out by this department for the first time in the world.




  Marker, Biodiversity and Transcriptomics

  Disease Diagnosis and Vaccine Production

  AI and Embryo Transfer Technology






  • A high tech Molecular Genetic Laboratory have been established having a facility of Extraction of nucleic acid, Protein,
  • Agarose Gel Electrophoresis, PAGE, 2 D Gel Electrophoresis, Densitometry, PCR, Real-time PCR, DNA sequencing,
  • Documentation and analysis of data with bioinformatics software’s.
  • Screening of breeding bulls for chromosomal aberrations by karyotyping.
  • Parentage verification in buffaloes under progeny testing programme. (DURDA Funded Project)
  • Identification of species of meat samples by molecular genetic techniques.
  1. Differentiation of Cow and Buffalo meat. – Applied for patenting
  2. Detection of adulteration in meat and meat product
  • Development of DNA based diagnostic test for  livestock diseases
  1. Tuberculosis in Cattle
  2. Hemorrhagic septicemia in Cattle
  3. Eherlichiosis in Lions
  4. Brucellosis in breeding bulls
  5. Blue Tongue Disease in Sheep and Goat
  6. Infectious Bursal Disease in Poultry
  7. Marek’s Disease in Poultry
  8. Canine Parvo Virus in Dog
  9. Infectious Chicken Anaemia  in Poultry
  10. Bovine Herpes Virus-1 cattle
  • Molecular genetic characterization of indigenous livestock breeds (ICAR and DBT funded Projects)
  1. Cattle        : Gir, Kankrej, Nimari, Malvi, Kankatha and Dangi, Kathiawadi, Gaolao.
  1. Buffalo      : Jaffrabadi, Mehsani and Surti
  2. Goat          : Zalawadi, Gohilwadi and Surti
  3. Sheep        : Patanwadi, Marwari and Dumba
  4. Poultry      : Kadaknath and Ankleshwar Fowl
  5. Horse         : Kathiawari Horse
  6. Identification of genes associated with lactogenesis in buffaloes. (ICAR, DBT and GSBTM Funded Projects)
  • Characterization of diversity in rumen microbes in buffalo (DBT Funded Project)  
  • Characterization of major genes related to production traits.
  1. Growth Hormone gene
  2. Growth Hormone Receptor gene
  3. Leptin gene
  4. DGAT gene
  5. k-casein gene
  6. β-lactalbumin gene
  7. Prolactin gene
  8. IGF gene
  • Characterization of genes involved in disease resistance.
  1. MHC (BOLA-DRB) gene
  2. Defensin genes
  • Screening for progression of cancer
  1. Mammary tumours in Dogs (DST Funded Project)
  2. Horn cancer in Bullock.
  • Study of Gene expression
  1. Metabolism of drugs
  2. Mastitis in cattle and buffalo
  • Semen quality evaluation in bulls by DNA and Protein based tests.
  • HLA typing for Kidney transplantation in human.
  • Development of DNA based diagnosis of Hepatitis C Virus in human
  • Generation of technical manpower

So far more than 30 students are admitted for master’s degree in animal biotechnology and more than 100 students of

associated departments took advantage of animal biotechnology department for their PG research work. Department

had completed several research schemes and presently running several training programmes and also imparting summer

training to a students from other universities. Details about all the research work done in the department

(i.e. research papers and thesis) is available free on the at




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