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Agricultural Research Station, Arnej



  • Reclamation of saline, sodic and saline-sodic soils of Bhal region.
  • Use of under ground brackish water for agricultural production.
  • Introduction of new crops to find out their feasibility for the region.
  • To develop new genotypes of major rainfed crops suitable to drought, salinity and water logged conditions.
  • To develop suitable Agro-technology for the major and new crops and to develop agricultural implements suitable for the area.
  • To develop the technology for run-off rain water harvesting and recycling for agricultural use.
  • To study crop pests and diseases, their occurrence and control measures.
  • To find out the ways for alternative land use i.e. Arid Horticulture/ Agro-forestry.

Gramin Krishi Mausam Sewa", IMD, New Delhi (MoESc.)

  • To send daily past weather data twice in a week to IMD, New Delhi and validate the weather forecast received from IMD, New Delhi
  • To prepare Agro-Met Advisory on the basis of forecasted weather for linking the crop management strategies during the period of forecast for harvesting the benefits of favorable weather condition and protecting the crops from the likely adversities of bad weather if any.
  • To disseminate the weather based Agro-Advisory bulletin to the farmers and other users through print media, news papers, telephone, post, television and Internet.

Establishment of Transfer of Technology Centre

  • Popularizing latest technologies of agriculture through specialized trainings, farmers day, field day, farmers scientist interaction, group discussion etc.
  • Find out the constraints faced by the farmers in adopting the developed technologies and to suggest the possible alternatives.
  • To develop high yielding chick pea varieties suitable for Bhal area under rainfed condition.

Agricultural Research Station

  • To develop high yielding durum wheat varieties suitable for Bhal area under rainfed condition.
  • To produce breeder seed of chick pea.

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