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Livestock Research Station


Established in 1979, this station is entrusted the responsibility of establishing a crossbred dairy herd which can thrive and produce good amount of milk in middle Gujarat Agro-climatic zone. Research has been taken up to study various aspects of management, reproduction, nutrition, adaptation and economics of milk production.

The farm started with two crosses viz. Jersey x Kankrej and Holstein Friesian x Kankrej. In 1984, HF x K crosses were removed from the herd and only J x K crosses were maintained. In 1991, looking to the performance of inter-se of J x K crosses, blood of HF animals was introduced in the animals building a cow with 25 % HF x 25 % J x 50 % K, the Triple bred. In 2006, the breeding policy of the farm was again revised and research was started on HF x K crosses. At present, the farm has HF x K crosses. Another scheme, entitled “Introduction of mechanization on a dairy farm” is going at the research Station to take care of the paucity of skilled labour since February 2011. Under this project introduce CCTV monitoring systems, installation of bulk milk cooler and automatic pipeline milking machine has been completed. In future, mechanization in feeding through Total Mixed Ration machine (TMR) and machine cleaning of floors will be taken up. 

Third scheme “Conservation and improvement of indigenous cattle at Anand” was sanctioned in March, 2016 only. The major objective of the scheme is to work on A1 / A2 milk protein in indigenous and crossbred cattle of Gujarat. In addition studies on innet immunity in cattle will also be taken up. 


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