Narmada Irrigation Research station, Khandha


The Narmada Irrigation Research Project, AAU, Khandha farm is located at village Khandha on Karjan-Handod road which is 6 km away from Karjan (Bombay - Ahmedabad Western Railway Line) and 8 km away from N.H.-8 in South Western direction on 220-20 N latitude and 730-110 E longitude above 28 m MSL. It represents the Agro-climatic Region-13 of India and Middle Gujarat Agro-climatic Zone-III.

The Sardar Sarovar Project on river Narmada is expected to cover about 18 lakh hectares of land under irrigation. First phase of project will cover the command area between Narmada in the South and Mahi river in North. Deep black (ustert) and alluvial soil are the two major soil groups with various irrigability classes covering the command. Narmada Irrigation Research Project (NIRP) Phase-I was initiated with the financial support of Narmada Planning Group (NPG) in the year 1988 (G.R. No. NNG/1987/11/K date 13.11.87) with an aim to develop an integrated water management practices for different crops grown in black soil area of Sardar Sarovar Project (SSP) command to be covered under first phase of SSP with broad objectives to develop sound soil and water management technology for efficient use of irrigation water with sustained soil health for the black soil area of Narmada Command of Phase-I.

             During the year 2005, Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited, Gandhinagar has remandated the original mandates of the station vide letter No. 168, dated 6th July, 2005 and 7 posts have been sanctioned to fulfill the following objectives.

F Broad Objectives:-

  1. Demonstration on recommended technologies in different crops.
  2. Analysis of soil samples in Narmada Command Area.
  3. Transfer of Technology through organizing training of the farmers and Farmers Day.



(II)    Details of the farm


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Area under roads, Buildings, Drainage channel, Farm pond, Meteorological observatory, etc.



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