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Tribal Research cum Training Centre, Devagadhbaria




           The Tribal Research Cum Training Centre was established at Devgadh Baria in the year of 1977 at the Palace donated by Late Maharaja Jaideep Singh of Baria State with the objective of the over all development and betterment of Tribal farmers through training on Agricultural, Horticulture, Animal husbandry, Poultry etc.The centre has approximately 8 hectares of land and is in the initial stage of development



         Under “ Van Bandhu Kalyan Yojana” Gujarat Government has sanctioned 3.94 corer’s  for “Tribal Farm Women Training Centre” project at Devgadh Baria Centre for the development of tribal area. To train tribal farm women of Dahod & Panchamahal District for imparting knowledge and production skills in crop production, horticulture, farm forestry, Animal husbandry, poultry keeping, apiculture, and health so that we can generate alternative source of income along with main agricultural income that will lead to their overall development 



Importance of Research Centre :-

  1. To impart skill oriented change in the traditional farming community.
  2. To bring desirable change in the traditional farming system.
  3. To train the extension agencies and skilled labourers.
  4. To provide training about scientific use of resources inputs and implements for the improvement in tribal farming.
  5. To arrange campaigns, field trips, farmers day etc. for group and mass contact.
  6. To train the farm women about their valuable contribution, more efficiency in agricultural operation and animal husbandry.
  7. To train rural female group about childcare, home management & balance diet etc.
  8. To arrange training for suitable rural agro based industries.
  9. Research on technical aspects for  crop improvement and crop production of oil seed & pulses crops in this area and method of value addition and introducing soybean in this area
  10. To improve quality and yield potentiality of high yielding bt cotton variety for tribal area.
  11. To identify suitable production technologies of Cotton for tribal area.
  12. To improve identify high yield variety of soybean for Gujarat condition
  13. To identify suitable production technology for Gujarat Condition
  14. To collect and evaluate the germplasms of soybean from various location.
  15. To develop the high yielding variety of soybean according to the need of the region.
  16. To standardize the agronomic package of practices of soybean crop.
  17. Studies on value addition on soybean.
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