Gujarat Anand Mungbean 5
Year of Release 2015
Area and Condition for which release Gujarat, Summer season under irrigated condition
Special Features: Highly resistant to Yellow Mosaic Virus (YMV). Bold seed size with attractive shiny grain appearance
Name of centre Vadodara
Average yield 1811 kg/ha

Semi erect plant growth   habit.  Green stem colour with   purple splashes. Dark green colour of  leaves with purple leaf vein. It has long pod with more seeds (10-12) per pod and  an early maturing (60-65 days). Highly resistant to Yellow Mosaic Virus (YMV). The variety has 5.1 g of 100 seed weight. Variety exhibited 32.15 and 15.27 per cent higher grain yield over the check varieties GM 4 and Meha, respectively. The grains contains higher total carbohydrates (24.33%) and total soluble sugar (17.62%) as compared to the check GM-4.