Gujarat Anand Bidi Tobacco Hybrid 2
Year of Release 2017
Area and Condition for which release Middle Gujarat (Anand, Kheda and Vadodara districts) under Irrigated conditions.
Special Features: More number of leaves per plant with good spangling and puckering
Name of centre BTRS, Anand
Average yield 3948 kg/ha cured leaf yield

Medium to late group. It is as good as  MR GTH 1 in chemical constituents of leaf. This variety exhibited  17 %  higher cured leaf yield than existing hybrid check MR GTH 1. Resistant to root-knot, mosaic and leaf curl diseases in normal field conditions. Good smoking quality as per the traders opinion. This variety produced 3948 kg/ha cured leaf yield which is  17 % higher than existing hybrid MRGTH 1.