Gujarat Anand Cherry Tomato 1
Year of Release 2018
Area and Condition for which release Middle Gujarat
Special Features: Indeterminate type of the growth habit with dark intensity of green colour and less serrated leaves. The fruits are red in colour with ovoid in shape
Name of centre MVRS, Anand
Average yield 114.73 q/ha (Fruit yield)

This variety gave 114.73 q/ha fruit yield which is 52.61% higher than  the check ACTL 10-06 (75.18 q/ha). The fruits contains higher total soluble solids, lycopene and total soluble sugar contents  as compared to the check. The pericarp thickness of fruits is good hence, more firmness and shelf life. This genotype has low incidence of ToLCD, leaf damage by leaf miner and fruit borer damage as compared to the  check.