Gujarat Anand Forage Bajra 4
Year of Release 2018
Area and Condition for which release Middle Gujarat
Special Features: Single cut nature, light green foliage colour, thin stem, tall plant height, more number of tillers per plant and higher number of leaves per plant.
Name of centre MFRS, Anand
Average yield 580.8 q/ha (Green forage yield) 120.3 q/ha (Dry fodder yield)

This variety gave 17.76 and 13.15 per cent higher green forage yield; 20.42 and 13.92% dry matter yield as well as 31.25 and 33.43% crude protein yield over the checks GFB 1 (LC) and Giant Bajra (NC), respectively in Middle Gujarat conditions. On quality point of view, this variety contains 20.9% Dry Matter, 7.66% Crude Protein, 80.5% Neutral Detergent Fiber, 30.82% Crude Fibre and 42.31% Acid Detergent Fiber content. This variety showed low infestation of rust disease no incidence of downey mildew disease. Low infestation of shoot fly and no infestation of myllocerous weevil.