Gujarat Anand Desi Cotton 3 (Wagad Gaurav)
Year of Release 2019
Area and Condition for which release Agro-climatic Zone-V and VIII of Gujarat state
Special Features: High yield potential variety with Smooth boll surface and bushy plant type.
Name of centre RCRS, Viramgam
Average yield Seed cotton yield: 2150 kg/ha; Lint yield: 964 kg/ha

GADC 3 (Wagad Gaurav) is a Semi Open boll type variety of Gossypium herbaceum. It gave 34.02, 15.01 and 27.54% higher seed cotton yield and 34.87, 26.67 and 27.28% higher lint yield over check varieties G. Cot.21, ADC 1 and GADC 2, respectively in the rainfed condition of Gujarat state. Variety recorded 44.8% ginning out turn, and fibre length of 22.7 mm, fibre fineness of 5.1 µg/inch and bundle strength of 22.5 g/tex. The variety is moderate tolerant to major disease and pests.