Gujarat Garlic 7 (Anand Kesari )
Year of Release 2019
Area and Condition for which release Whole Gujarat
Special Features: Dark green leaves, strongly concave shape in cross section of leaf. Medium density of leaves with erect foliage attitude. Medium size of bulb. Radial distribution of cloves with purple colour of dry external scales and purple scale colour of clove.
Name of centre HMRS, Dahod
Average yield 79 q/ha

The variety gave bulb yield 16.00, 11.65, 15.13 and 14.00% higher over the check varieties GG 4, GJG 5, GAG 6 and G 282, respectively in the Gujarat state. It contains higher pyruvic acid (80.05 µmol/g), carotenoids (7.75 mg/100g), total soluble solids (21.820brix), reducing sugar (2.23%) and total antioxidant acitivity (0.118%). This variety showed less storage loss (15.60 %)  and good shelf life as well as low incidence of thrips as compared to check varieties.