Gujarat Wheat 1346
Year of Release 2019 (CVRC)
Area and Condition for which release Peninsular zone (Maharashtra, Karnataka and plains of Tamil Nadu) under restricted Irrigation, timely sown conditions.
Special Features: GW 1346 has desired quality traits like good grain appearance (7/10), good sedimentation value (29.6 ml) and lower yellow berry incidence (1%) therefore, it can be used as a “dual quality” durum suitable both for “chapati making” as well as for good pasta preparations.
Name of centre ARS, Dhandhuka
Average yield 2850 kg/ha

It has yield advantage of 4.8 and 8.0% over the checks AKDW 2997-16 and UAS 44 & potential yield of 4040 kg/ha. It showed superior level of leaf rust resistance & high level of stem rust resistance. It has good levels of protein content (12.36%), essential micronutrients like Iron (36.5 ppm) and Zinc (32.2 ppm), and overall acceptability for pasta (5.3 out of 9.0).