Gujarat Kodo Millet 4 (Dahod Kodra 4)
Year of Release 2020
Area and Condition for which release Hilly and tribal region of Dahod, Panchmahal and Dang districts of Gujarat
Special Features: Higher protein content (8.74%), fiber content (8.41) Ash content (0.25%) Fe content (38.95 mg/kg), Zn content (21.94 mg/kg) and Cu content (6.86 mg/kg) with higher milling recovery (55.5%)
Name of centre HMRS, Dahod
Average yield 2738 kg/ha

Higher grain yield (2738 kg/ha) with erect plant canopy, medium maturity and suitable for rainfed condition, Long panicle and raceme length, presence of internodal pigmentation, dark brown seed colour with ellipsoidal shape, non-shattering in habit and moderately  resistant to head smut disease