Gujarat Anand Desi Cotton 4 (Wagad Resham)
Year of Release 2020
Area and Condition for which release Agro Climatic Zone-V and VIII of Gujarat State
Special Features: First ever long staple (UHML: 29.4 mm) and open boll type herbaceum cotton variety.
Name of centre RCRS, Viramgam
Average yield Seed cotton yield: 1403 kg/ha ; Lint yield: 497 kg/ha

GADC 4 has recorded average fibre length (upper half mean length) of 29.4 mm, fibre fineness of 4.5 µg/inch and bundle strength of 30.6 g/tex in HVI mode. It had produced average seed cotton yield 1403 kg/ha. This variety gave 14.9, 30.8, 11.0 and 11.4 % higher seed cotton yield and 4.4, 10.8, 14.0 and 16.0 % higher lint yield over check varieties G.Cot.21, GADC 2, G.Cot.23 and GN.Cot.25 respectively in the rainfed conditions.