Gujarat Anand Red Flesh Guava 1 ( Lal Bahadur)
Year of Release 2020
Area and Condition for which release Middle Gujarat Under Mrig bahar (June-July flowering time) irrigated condition
Special Features: Plant has compact growth with spreading branches habit. Fruit has oval shape, pale green to yellowish pericarp colour when mature with pinkish red flesh. Fruit shape at stalk end is pointed. Dense pubescence on lower side of leaf
Name of centre Dept. of Horticulture, BACA, Anand
Average yield 14.34 t/ha

GARFG 1 produced 35.85 kg/plant (14.34 t/ha, mean of 4th to 6th year old plant) fruit yield against national check Lalit (18.76 kg/plant) and check Dholka Local (22.72 kg/plant). It contains higher carotenoid (19.41 mg/100g pulp), TSS (14.33 0Brix), micronutrients like Zn (14.94 mg/kg) and  Mn (5.84 mg/kg) as compared to national check Lalit and Dholka Local. This variety has lower fruit fly damage as compared to the checks Lalit and Dholka Local.