Gujarat Green Brinjal 9 (Anand Harit)
Year of Release 2022
Area and Condition for which release Gujarat: Kharif-Rabi season under irrigated condition
Special Features: The variety has obovate shaped fruit with green fruit skin colour having smooth surface. It has erect plant growth habit and dentate leaf margin.
Name of centre MVRS, Anand
Average yield 403.93 q/ha

This variety gave 403.93 q/ha average fruit yield which is 12.12, 19.48, 11.79 and 13.61 per cent higher than the checks GAOB 2, GOB 1, GRB 5 and Swarna Mani Black, respectively. Fruit contains higher phenol (0.132%), flavanoid (92.00 mg/100g), total antioxidant activity (0.108 mg/100g) and total soluble sugars (4.59%) as compared to the check varieties. Less or comparable prevalence of little leaf disease reaction, jassid, whitefly as well as shoot and fruit borer damage as compared to the checks.