Gujarat Mango 1 (Anand Rasraj)
Year of Release 2022
Area and Condition for which release Gujarat: Irrigated mango growing areas
Special Features: The variety has regular fruit bearing habit and mature fruits have broad elliptic shape in cross section, long to medium in size and smooth surface as well as yellow skin and medium yellow pulp colour at ripening.
Name of centre Department of Horticulture, BACA, Anand
Average yield 57.4 kg/tree or 11.49 t/ha fruit yield (mean of 7 to 9 years old trees)

Mango variety Gujarat Mango 1 (Anand Rasraj) produced 57.4 kg/tree (11.49 t/ha) fruit yield (mean of 7 to 9 years old trees), which is 29.86, 44.95, 30.45, 31.35, 77.16 and 27.84 per cent higher than checks Langra, Dashehari, Kesar, Sonpari, Sindhu and Mallika, respectively. It has higher average fruit weight (268.2 g), pulp weight per fruit (210 g), peel weight per fruit (28.80 g), pulp to stone ratio (7.15) and pulp to peel ratio (7.28) as compared to check variety kesar and comparable with sonpari, whereas fruits per plant (254) was higher than kesar and sonpari. Contains higher non-reducing sugar (14.36%), phenol (0.29%), total anti-oxidant activity (0.123%), flavanoid (0.051%), β-carotene (12.17 ppm) and total carotenoids (19.03 mg/100g) as compared to check varieties kesar and sonpari. It has less crude fiber (0.48 %) as compared to all the checks which is an important quality character in mango fruits.