Faculty of Post Graduate

S.No. Name Designation As
A Dr. K. B. Kathiria Director of Research and Dean, P.G. Studies Chairman
B Dr. M. N. Brahmbhatt I/c. Registrar, AAU, Anand Member
C All Principal/Deans  
1 Dr. K. P. Patel

Principal & Dean, Faculty of Agriculture,

B. A. College of Agriculture, AAU, Anand

2 Dr. A. M. Thaker Principal & Dean, Faculty of Veterinary Science,                  College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry, AAU, Anand Member
3 Dr. J. B. Prajapati

Principal & Dean, Faculty of Dairy Science,

SMC College of Dairy Science, AAU, Anand

4 Dr. D. C. Joshi

Principal & Dean, Faculty of Food Processing Technology and  

Bio-Energy, AAU, Anand

5 Dr. R. Subbaiah Principal & Dean, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering & Technology, AAU, Godhra Member
6 Dr. D. R. Kathiriya I/c. Principal & Dean, Faculty of  Agricultural Information Technology, AAU, Anand Member




Dr. Y. C. Zala


Dr. K. P. Patel

Principal & Dean, International Agri-Business Management Institute, AAU, Anand


I/c. Principal & Dean,

Faculty of Horticulture, AAU, Anand




D Dr. Arun. A. Patel I/c. Director of Extension Education, AAU, Anand Member
E Dr. M. K. Jhala

Associate Director of Research (Animal Science),

AAU, Anand

F Three Research Scientists and three Post Graduate teachers of the University to be nominated by the Director of Research and Dean of Faculty of Post Graduate Studies with the approval of the Vice-Chancellor.
1 Dr. H. R. Patel Unit Officer, Bidi Tobacco Research Station (BTRS)             A.A.U., Anand Member
2 Dr. F. P. Savaliya Research Scientist, Poultry Research Centre, A.A.U., Anand Member
3 Dr. K. D. Aparnathi

Research Scientist & Professor, (Dairy Chemistry),

Sheth M. C. College of Dairy Science, A.A.U., Anand

4 Dr. A. S. Bhanvadiya

Associate Research Scientist, Rginal Reearch Sation (RRS),

A.A.U., Anand.

5 Dr. B. P. Joshi

Professor & Head (Pathology),

College of Veterinary Science & A.H., A.A.U., Anand

6 Dr. R. V. Prasad

Professor, Food Quality Assurance, College of Food Processing Technology & Bio-Energy, A.A.U., Anand

G Dr. D. H. Patel I/c, Assistant Registrar (Academic), A.A.U., Anand Secretary


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