Gujarat Mustard 8 (Anand Hema)
Year of Release 2022
Area and Condition for which release Gujarat: Rabi season under irrigated condition
Special Features: Short height, early maturing and high density of siliqua on main shoot
Name of centre RRS, Anand
Average yield 2791 kg/ha

The variety gave 2791 kg/ha seed yield, which was 18.57 and 20.03 per cent higher over the checks GM 1 and PM 25, respectively. Medium seed size. It has determinate growth habit, more branches and siliqua per plant. This variety has less or comparable prevalence of powdery mildew disease and aphid. It contains higher oil (38.39%), crude protein (26.63%) and free fatty acid (0.40%) as compared to checks GM 1 and PM 25.