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Agricultural and Horticultural Research Station, Khambholaj

Agriculture and Horticulture Research Station, Khambholaj


Agricultural and Horticultural Resarch Station,

Anand Agricultural University,

Khambholaj- 388 330 (Gujarat)

Phone : 8980051104/05




The Agricultural and Horticultural Research Station, Anand Agricultural University, Khmbholaj, came to existence on September 1, 2020, to commence research and development activities on agriculture, horticultural crops and organic farming. Earlier it was working under Main Vegetable Research Station, AAU, Anand.  It is located 20 kilometres away from Anand. Land of this farm is sandy and low in organic carbon and fertility.

Plant breeding research work is being conducted for the evaluation of potato and papaya germplasm/varieties. Land development work, such as land levelling and plotting, is also underway to expand the cultivable area. Different horticultural arid and semi arid fruit crops such as Guava, Pomegranate, Lime, Custard apple, Kamalam Fruit, Anola, Jamun, Date Palm are grown as part of the NARP project. Seed production programme of various crop like Mungbean, Urdbean, Okra, Groundnut and Castor have been taken to meet farmer demand for high-quality seeds. About 4.5 ha area is under organic farming to develop improved technology and suitable organic farming models for different crops. The mandate of this centre, as well as some of its most notable accomplishments, are listed below.



  • Evaluation of high yielding and processing suitable variety of potato.
  • Evaluation of different varieties/germplasm of papaya crop and identify better varieties for middle Gujarat region
  • Development of agronomic cultivation practices of arid and semi-arid horticultural fruit crops for middle Gujarat
  • Development of agronomic cultivation practices and improved technology for organic farming


Salient Achievements:


  •  One variety of potato is endorsed click here
  • A MoU is made between Anand Agricultural University and ICAR-Central Potato Research Station, Shimla
  • Total 6 technologies are developed  for farming community click here
  • About 125 and 200 germplasms of potato and papaya, respectively are maintained at this centre
  • Four Long term  Project/Scheme are in operation at this centre click here
  • About 10 Research Paper published in International journal and 26 in National journal from this centre click here


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