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જમીન આરોગ્ય પત્રક (Soil Health Card) 

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ખેડૂત ઉપયોગી સંશોધન ભલામણો (Research Recommendations) 


The Anand Agricultural University came into existence from the 1st May, 2004 by enactment of Gujarat Agricultural University Act, 2004 (Gujarat Act., No.5 of 2004).

Even before the idea of rural university was mooted by the Radha Krishnan Commission the foundation of a rural education and research institute for training of farmers' sons was laid in Anand by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the Iron Man of India far back as in 1936. His dream later on took a shape in 1940 as the Institute of Agriculture, Anand with active cooperation of Dr. K. M. Munshi, the co-author of the Indian Constitution.



  • Education to the students in agriculture and allied fields.
  • Conduct research in order to improve the productivity of rural areas.
  • Undertake basic research to breakthrough newer areas of knowledge.
  • Provide opportunities to observe and understand the life of rural people.
  • Enable the students to inculcate the attitudes and develop skills relevant for grass-root work.


  • Agriculturally Prosperous Gujarat and India 


  • Search for new frontiers of Agricultural Sciences
  • Development of excellent human resources and innovative technological Services to farming community


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Sardar Patel

Sardar Patel

Iron Man of India

"Only who produces grains & food from soil has right to walk with upright head and confidence on this land "

Shri K M Munshi

Co-founder of Institute of Agriculture, Anand. (now AAU)
Co-author of Constitution of India.