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Dr. M.D. Patel Regional e-Library The history of Dr M.D. Patel Library dates back even prior to our Independence. In 1942, this Library was an accessory to the then SMC School of Dairy Science. After the inception of the B.A. College of Agriculture in 1947, it grew as the Central Library, merging the collections of BACA and SMC College of Dairy Science.In 1983, it was named after Dr Maganbhai Dahyabhai Patel (Dr.M.D.Patel Library).
Launching of NATP/NAIP Looking to thestriking advances made by the Information Technology Center at Anand campus in the erstwhile Gujarat Agricultural University for the development of Agricultural Education as per SAU model under ARIS and ISD, ICAR had taken Dr M.D. Patel Library to be an integral part of its 18-Regional Library Consortium project and selected Dr M.D. Patel Library as the Regional Library in the western zone.The launching of National Agriculture Technology Project by ICAR, New Delhi, on Library Improvement and Networking (LIS O&M) drastically altered not only the fiscal statistics, but also the Library’s status as well, as the Library became an inextricable part of a nation-wide consortium, towards digitization, automation and establishment of modern Cyberary with 20 mbps Internet and 36 work-stations, thereby obtaining the esteemed position of Regional e-Library.

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