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Directorate of Research



Dr M K Jhala

Director of Research & Dean, PG Studies(I/c)

Anand Agricultural University, Anand

Email :

Phone/Fax: 02692-263600

PBX phone: 805

Mob: 9998009961

Shri R. N. Rathava

PS to Director of Research

English Steno Grade-I

Email :

Phone: 02692-263600

PBX phone: 806

Mob: 9724313244

Dr  M  K  Jhala

Associate Director of Research (Vet.)

Email :

PBX phone: 807

Mob: 9662527787

Dr  S N Shah

Associate Director of Research (Agri.)

Email :

Phone: 02692-261057

PBX phone: 808

Mob: 9662527784

Shri A. K. Padhiyar

PA to ADRs and T-2  Branch

Email :

PBX phone: 809

Mob: 9714332756

Dr M M Masu

Planning Officer (I/C)

Planning & Monitoring Cell

Email :

Phone: 02692-263700

PBX phone: 781

Mob: 9429762585

Dr  R A  Patel

Associate Research Scientist, T-3 Branch

Email :

PBX phone: 783

Mob: 9426386550

Shri  R B Chauhan

Assistant Research Scientist, T-4 Branch

Email :

PBX phone: 784

Mob: 9724324748

Shri  A L  Patel

Assistant Research Scientist, T-1 Branch

Email :

PBX phone: 782

Mob: 9409548350

Shri  S B Bhuvela

Senior Research Assistant, T-5 Branch

Email :

PBX phone: 785

Mob: 9574733846


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