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Poultry Training Centre, Anand

Poultry Training Centre

Poultry Training Centre

Poultry Research Station

College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry, AAU, Anand


This training center was started during the year 1962-63.This centre provides necessary training to persons who are engaged in poultry farming or to those who are desirous to start poultry farming. Three courses of 10 weeks durations each are being conducted every year. Thus this center has been instrumental in providing self-employment in poultry business to many farmers and these courses also serve as refresher courses to those who are already in the poultry business. To intensify the poultry training programme, in the year 1991, the scheme entitled “Upgrading of Poultry Training Center” has been started. Till date more than 2300 trainees have been trained under poultry training centre.

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