Basic Engineering and Applied Sciences

About Department

Basic & Fundamental courses and principles for agricultural engineering starts with a multidisciplinary education. BEAS will offer a robust, multidisciplinary education in the areas of Basic Engineering and applied sciences programs as per fifth dean committee. This is demonstrated by the curriculum with a total load share of 41.2% in terms of credits and 54.7% in terms of subjects.

Also, a total of 7 Assistant professors with strong academic background are already engaged in various multi-disciplinary research and extension works apart from teaching. Faculty concerned with the subjects falling under department of basic engineering and applied sciences are engaged in the PG teaching too.

Research within the department will transcend disciplinary and departmental boundaries, offering a unique learning opportunity for both graduate and undergraduate students. Such a collaborative culture will help us develop the next generation of innovations in the field of Agricultural Engineering that will impact the world.

Mandate / Objectives

  • To inform and motivate students to study the fundamental aspects of engineering & science and its applications
  • To teach the subjects comes under department for UG and PG programs as per fifth dean committee.
  • To enable the students towards research, to analyze and apply mathematical and scientific techniques in engineering technology


Department Faculty/Staff members:

Sr. No.





Dr. B. A. Amin

Assistant Professor & Head



Ms. Hetal Tanna

Assistant Professor



Mr. Hardik S. Sharma

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (English,Arts)


Er.Kapil Mandloi

Assistant Professor

M.Tech (Industrial Design)


Dr. Gautam J. Kamani

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (Computer Science)


Ms. Shefali K. Modi

Assistant Professor

M.Sc (Chemistry)


Er. Chirag Jadav

Assistant Professor



Mr Nilesh Prajapati

Lab Technician

M.Sc. (Chemistry)


Mr. Nilesh Patel


I.T. I


Shri Rinkeshkumar Talpada

Craftsman Welder

I.T.I.(Welder) /B.A. with Gujarati

Departmental Facilities:

Department is equipped with almost all instruments/facilities required to conduct the experiments/practicals as per UG/PG syllabus. Different labs and facility available in the department are:

  • CAD / CAM Laboratory
  • Engineering Drawing Hall
  • Electrical Instrumentation Laboratory
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Physics Laboratory
  • Workshop

Research Activities:

AGRESCO Projects

Sr. No.

Project Title

Principal Investigator






Development of Adjustable Twin Wheel Weeder

Er. Chirag Jadav




2 Development of MATLAB based programming for determination of seed properties. Mrs Hetal Tanna Mandal 2016 2018  

Design and development of multipurpose solar cabinet food processor.

Er. J. Shravan Kumar 2016 Patent filing U. P  
4 Performance evaluation of ARDUINO based wireless soil moisture sensor Er. Vishal Mehara 2017 2020  


Evaluation of different types of ground wheel for sowing and planting machine

Er Kapil Mandloi




6 Effect of light intensity and colour on growth performance of rose in net house Mr. Sachin Chinchorkar 2017 2020  


Quality assessment of water samples (Pre and post monsoon season) of open wells of CAET campus.

Mrs.Shefali K. Modi





Development of ro-procating sprayer for weedicides

Er. Chirag Jadav


Patent filing U.P.



Online Leave Management System

Dr. Gautam Kamani





Gujarat state taluka wise rainfall data repository using text –mining approach

Dr. Gautam Kamani 2020 2021 Download
11 Experimental Investigation of energy yield from Bifacial Silicon Solar photovoltaic (PV) module and its comparison with monofacial solar photovoltaic module

Er. J. Shravan Kumar

2021 Continue  
12 Fruit quality determination by using Ultrasonic Technique of Non-destructive evaluation method Er. Chirag Jadav 2021 2022  
13 Design and Development of multiutility foldable domestic container from agriculture residue Er. Kapil Mandloi 2022 Continue  
14 Development of Centrifugal Fruit Juice Extractor Er. Chirag Jadav 2023 Continue  
Departmental Under Graduate Projects

Year of completion

Project title


  1. Performance Evaluation of Ground Wheel in Different Sowing Machine
  2. Design and Development of Manual Operated Pull and Push Type Sprayer
  3. Automatic Irrigation System for Sandy Loam Soil.
  4. Development of Net house and Study on Rose Plant Parameters by Different Treatments
  5. Development of An Electronic Speed Controller using Pulse Width Modulation Technique for Differential Speed Applications


  1. Effect of Temperature, Humidity and light intensity on Leaf Area and Flower Size in Rose.
  2. Development of self-powered push type reciprocating sprayer
  3. Parametric Analysis of Box Type Solar Cookers
  4. Design and Development of Wireless soil moisture based automatic irrigation system


  1. Optimization of dimensions of ground wheel using CAD tool.
  2. Performance evaluation of self-powered pull and push type sprayer
  3. Evaluation Of (Solar) Drying Kinetics in Multipurpose Solar Cabinet Food Processor


  1. To enhance functionality of portable kitchen air cooler
  2. Mathematical study (analysis) of solar cooker
  3. Development of multinozzle reciprocating sprayer
  4. Evaluation of multinozzle reciprocating sprayer
  5. Performance analysis of roof top solar PV system 
  6. Value addition in available vegetable vending cart
  1. Fabrication of small compression molding machine
  2. Effect of Different Packaging Material on Shelf Life of Bottle Gourd
  3. Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of Juice Extractor
  1. Performance evaluation of juice extractor
  2. Development of prototype mobile operated grass cutter machine.

Extension Activities & Training Organized:




16/09/2023 Industry Institute Interaction Cell & AEAAG jointly organized an Expert Lecture at CAET, Godhra Download
09 to 15 /08/2023 Meri Mati Mera Desh Events Download
01/07/2023 e- Poster Competition & Debate "Role of Social Media on Youth Development" Download
01/07/2023 Expert Lecture on "Key Issues in Transportation and Urban development" Download
26/06/2023 participated in a panel discussion through IIIC, at AMA, Ahmedabad Download
26/06/2023 participated in an expert talk and round-the-table discussion through IIIC, at AMA, Ahmedabad Download
26/06/2023 to attend an expert talk and round-the-table discussion with Dr. Anil Bhardwaj, Director, Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad Download
26/06/2023 to attend an expert talk and round-the-table discussion with Mr. Surendra Patel, Founder, Vishalla. Download
26/06/2023 to attend an expert talk and round-the-table discussion with Prof. Shailendra Saraf, Director, NIPER Download
26/06/2023 to attend an expert talk and round-the-table discussion with Mr. Chirayu Pandya, Category Head – India, Logitech. Download
26/06/2023 to attend an expert talk and round-the-table discussion with Dr. Dinesh Awasthi, Vice-Chancellor, Lok Jagruti University, Ahmedabad Download
26/06/2023 to attend an expert talk and round-the-table discussion with Dr. Subeer S. Majumdar, Director General, Gujarat Biotechnology University. Download
26/06/2023 to attend a panel discussion organized by National Innovation Foundation (NIF), India, and the Indian National Science Academy (INSA), at AMA, Ahmedabad Download
26/06/2023 to attend an Expert lecture of Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, the President of the Indian National Science Academy (INSA), on "Disruptive Science for Innovative and Sustainable Development" Download
26/06/2023 to attend an Expert lecture of Dr. Chaitanya Joshi, the Director of the Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre (GBRC), DST, GoG on "Universal Holistic Health" Download
26/06/2023 to attend an Expert lecture of Dr. S. Sundar Manoharan, Director General, PDEU, on "Clean Energy Green for Greener Future" Download
16/06/2023 visit of Town Planning and Valuation Department, GODHRA , under key issue in urban transportation and development "G-20" Download
01/06/2023 Visit of Amul Chocolate Plant Download
06/05/2023 Activity based Education: Role of Unbiased Gender in Management Download
04/03/2023 ગુજરાતની ૫૦ સક્ષમ મહિલાઓની ગાથા – શક્તિરૂપેણ સંસ્થિતા તેમજ પડકાર – શોર્ટ ફિલ્મ નુ નિદર્શન Download
04/03/2023 Expert Talk on Women Empowerment: Bridging the Gender Divide Download
31/05/2023 Visit of Amul Mail Plant Download
29/06/2022 વૃક્ષારોપણ કાર્યક્રમ by Gender Champions Club Download
08/03/2022 “ સ્ત્રીને લગતા કાયદા અને સામાજિક વિચારસરણી” તથા “સ્વસ્થ્ય મહિલા સ્વસ્થ ભારત” વિષય પર એક દિવસીય વર્કશોપ કાર્યક્રમ Download
27/01/2020 Why Masculine Culture? And the Role of Young Generations  


One day workshop on BASIC of IPR


05/11/2019 to 06/11/2019


Two days’ workshop on “Machine Learning and Deep Learning with MATLAB




One Day Orientation Training on Disaster Management and First Aid


13/03/2019 MATLAB for Data Analytics and Machine Learning; Deep Learning and Transfer Learning using pre-Trained Model Alex Net  


One day workshop on “Role of Young Generation in Nations Building” under Gender Champions Club



One day workshop on “Awareness on Gender Issues and the Role of Young Generation” under Gender Champions Club in association with Gender Resource Centre-State Resource Centre for Women (supported by Women and Child Development Department-Govt. of Gujarat)




One day Workshop on Introduction of Statistical Techniques and Tools for Agricultural Engineers




One Day Training on Thing Speak in IoT and App Designing in MATLAB


08/11/2017 to 10/11/2017


Leadership and Entrepreneurship Programme


15/02/2017 to 16/02/2017


Personality Development Training program “IGNITING MINDS"



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