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Food Plant Operations

The Department of Food Plant Operations is one of the major departments of College of Food Processing Technology and Bio-energy, which was established in 2018 to provide facility for experiential learning, entrepreneurship, industrial training and research for the students in the field of food technology.The department is involved in providing hands-on-experience on various pilot plants, to students to carry out food processing operations in an environment similar to that of food industry.


To impart training to the students for developing skills in establishment & management of food processing plants and provide hands on training on the latest technologies developed in the field of food processing technology


  • To promote professional skills and knowledge through meaningful hands on experience to B. Tech. (FT) students
  • To develop manpower of with adequate knowledge of various processing lines with their working and maintenance
  • To build confidence and to work in project mode
  • To acquire enterprise management capabilities
  • To conduct need based research for development of novel processing technologies and products for the manufacture of indigenous food products
  • To organize training programmes, seminars, workshops etc. on the various topics of Food Technology for strengthening knowledge, HRD and rapport with the food industries
  • To build practical skills and entrepreneurship attributes among the students with an aim to deal with work situations and for better employability and self-employment.
  • To explore international, national and inter-institutional collaboration in education and research


The department has over 12000 sq. ft. of area devoted to nine pilot scale food processing plants along with food packaging station.

  1. Food Extrusion Line
  2. Continuous Frying Line
  3. Food Dehydration Line
  4. Automatic Juice Bottle filling and capping Line
  5. Canning Line including Retort
  6. Tomato Products Processing Line
  7. Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) Line
  8. Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Handling Line
  9. Bakery Line
  10. Food Packaging Station

Major activities

  1. Regular teaching and lab/workshop activities for under-graduate programme (Food Technology)
  2. Impart the students with the skills and competencies in synchronization with teaching
  3. Educate the students with working and functioning of various food plant operations and processing lines
  4. Providing need base trainings to the students and prospective entrepreneurs
  5. Providing need base research & advisory to industry, government & non-government agencies
  6. Supervising research projects for PhD, MTech under Food Processing Technology and B. Tech (FT) students under Student READY Programme
  7. To share the processing facility with AAU Agri & Food Incubator 

Major Achievements of the Department


Research Work






Research Papers



Book Chapters



Brief Communications






Technical Articles, Extension Literature, Presentations, etc.






Under Graduate:

Semester wise distribution of subjects in B. Tech. (Food Technology)


Sr. No.


Course No





FPO 471

Student READY- Experiential Learning Programme-I




FPO 472

Student READY- Experiential Learning Programme-II




FPO 473

Student READY- Research Project




FPO 474

Student READY- Seminar




FPO 481

Student READY- Industrial Tour




FPO 482

Student READY- Internship/In- Plant Training


Professional Affiliations:

The faculty of FPO Department is professionally affiliated to,

  1. Association of Food Scientists and Technologists (AFSTI), Mysore
  2. Scientific Advance Agriculture Research Society (SAARS)
  3. Indian society of Agricultural Engineers (ISAE)
  4. The Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)
  5. Society for World Environment, Food and Technology (SWEFT)
  6. The Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA)
  7. The Gujarat Association for Agricultural Sciences (GAAS)
  8. Alumni Association, College of FPTBE, AAU, Anand, Gujarat
  9. CAET Alumni Association, CAET, JAU, Junagadh, Gujarat

Present Faculty Position






Dr. S. H. Akbari

Associate Professor & Head

B Tech (Ag. Engg.), M Tech (APFE), PhD.


Dr. Amee Ravani

Asst. Professor

BE (FPT), M Tech (FPT), PhD.

Experiential Learning Unit cum Incubation Centre

College of Food Processing Technology and Bio-energy, Anand Agricultural University, Anand, Gujarat has established a facility of imparting experiential learning and hands on training for the students. In experiential learning, educators purposefully engage with learners in direct experience and focused reflection in order to increase knowledge, develop skills, entrepreneurship, and inculcate values. This experiential learning program involves practice in value added technology system consisting of processing of fried snacks i.e.  a variety of namkeen and farsan products including sev, gathiya,  chips, extruded products like corn balls, rice and corn flakes, dehydrated, canned and tomato processed products, IQF, ready to eat products and bake products like bread, bun, biscuit and pizza etc.

Experiential learning unit cum Incubation Centre was established with the financial help from Government of Gujarat and Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). The facility is also utilized for testing of new technologies and test manufacturing of new food products by prospective entrepreneurs and start-ups. The facilities established are extensively used for inculcating business confidence among the prospective entrepreneurs. The pilot plants are also used to provide training to food industry personnel and unemployed youth.

Food Extrusion Line

Components :

Flour mixing unit

Twin screw extrusion system

Core filling system

Shaping machine

Three layer dryer

Flaking machine

Oil pumping system

Seasoning drum

Continuous Frying Line

Components :

Spiral dough mixer cum kneader

Dough extruder

Continuous frying system

Oil filter

Oil recirculation pump

Oil cooling system

Gas fired burner

Final product collection table

Food Dehydration Line

Components :

Drum dryer

Vacuum dryer

Spray dryer

Falling film evaporator

Vacuum evaporator


Juice Bottling Line

Components :

Pulp collection tank

Steam jacketed kettle

Mixing and standardization tank

Juice filtration unit

Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger (SSHE)

Bottle washing system



Canning Line

Components :

Fruit / vegetable washer

Inspection conveyor belt system

Twin pulper

Scraped surface heat exchanger

Rotary can filling system

Exhausting box

Seaming unit

Retorting system

Tomato Products Processing Line

Components :

Fruit / vegetable washer

Sorting conveyor

Hot water treatment tank

Standardization tank

Pulper with fruit mill

Vacuum pan


Filling tank

Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) Line

Components :

Fruit / vegetable washer


Cooling conveyor

Vibratory feeder

Spiral freezer

Packaging room

Frozen storage room

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Handling Line

Components :

Dump tank

Brushing unit

Hot water treatment tank

Waxing unit

Surface drying system


Weight based grading system

Sorting tables

Bakery Line

Components :

Planetary dough kneader

Dough divider

Proofing system

Sheet making system

Baking oven

Food Packaging Station

Components :

Two head form fill and seal machine system

Automatic bottle filling, capping & labelling system

Retort pouch sealing unit

Vertical pouch sealing unit

Spout pouch filling & capping machine

Shrink wrapping system

L type sealing machine

For Details Contact:

Dr. S. H. Akbari,

Associate Professor and Head,

Food Plant Operations Department,

College of Food Processing Technology and Bio-energy,

Anand Agricultural University,

Anand-388110, Gujarat, India

Ph:  +91 2692 261302 (O)


Fax: +91 2692 261302



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