Agricultural Process Engineering

        The department is actively engaged in teaching, research and extension education activities in the areas of post harvest technology and processing of various agricultural products. The department is offering 15 credits at Diploma level. The department has following laboratories.


  •          Agriculture Process Engineering
  •          Agriculture Structure
  •          Crop Process Engineering Lab
  •          Drying and Dehydration
  •          Engineering Properties
  •          Fruit and Vegetable Processing
  •          Food Engineering Lab
  •          Food Processing Pilot Plant
  •          Heat and Mass Transfer Lab
  •          Packaging Technology
  •          Properties of Biological Materials Lab
  •          Post Harvest Technology Lab
  •          Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Lab
  •          Unit Operations Lab


       The department conducts research in fields of drying and dehydration, development of process technology for the value added products, design and development of primary and secondary processing equipments for on farm processing, storage and packaging of fruits and vegetables and reduction of post harvest losses.



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