Food Quality Assurance

In the present era of the rapidly expanding technological world, customer satisfaction and product quality becomes equally important. Department regarding to this area is well equipped with the advanced instruments so as to update the students' knowledge with the present research. The main focus of the department is on the food microbiology, food contamination, allergies, food borne illness, health hazards, adulteration, molecular biology and other contemporary areas allied to food and health. From the above mentioned areas the students may enable themselves in not only learning the quality assurance but also implementing this knowledge in their practical lives.

  • Some of the few advanced equipments available at the laboratory are:
  • Microscopes                                                                           
  • Digital Colony Counter                                                         
  • pH Meter                                                                                
  • Laminar Air Flow Cabinet                                                     
  • Autoclave                                                                               
  • U V Spectrophotometer                                                         
  • Incubator                    
  • Centrifugation Machine
  • Deep Freezer                                                                          
  • Dehumidifier                                                                          
  • Milk testing machine                                                              
  • High speed homogenizer                                                       
  • Melting Point apparatus
  • Viscometer


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