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Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry


  • The Anand campus was a constituent of Gujarat Agricultural University with the split it becomes Anand Agricultural University from May 01, 2004.

  • The Department of Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Science was set up in 1947 with the inception of the B. A. College of Agriculture at Anand.

  • Dr. C. C. Shah (1947 – 55) was the pioneer of this department, who established a sound base for research, teaching and extension activities in the field of Agricultural Chemistry. He visualized the need for research in potash and micronutrients and initiated some work particularly on Manganese and Iron through Postgraduate research.

  • Later, Dr. B. V. Mehta a renowned scientist took over as Professor (1956 – 75) and gave mass momentum to this new line of research in the state as well as in the country.  

  • The divisions associated with teaching and research activities in the field of Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Science and other laboratory services like soil testing and management of natural resources, soil productivity and fertility. The Department is assigned with the responsibilities of undertaking teaching, research and extension in various fields of Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Science in middle Gujarat and for coordinating the research programmes in campus and other regional research stations.

Facilities available at department

The department is well equipped to take up the emerging challenges of soil and water quality, environmental protection etc by reorienting it research pursuits addressing the emerging issues viz., enhancing nutrient use efficiency (NUE), integrated nutrient management (INM), management of soil fertility and productivity for sustainable agriculture.

Department also have well equipped laboratory for chemical analysis of soil, water, plant and manure samples. Facilities for micronutrient, pesticides and biochemical analysis are available within the campus in various research projects.

Infrastructure of department

All require infrastructure facilities like staff rooms, computer room, instruments room, class room, store room, net house, pot house department library, UG and PG laboratories etc. are available with the department.

Library facility

In addition to the central library of the university, the department library has more than 293 books and periodicals in the subject of Agriculture Chemistry and Soil Science, which are utilized by technical staff and PG students for their research and teaching work. This library also has more than 195 thesis volumes, which were submit by PG students of this department during their course of study.

Detail Information About Activities and Achievements

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Name of Professor & Head Dr. N. J. Jadav
Qualification Ph. D. (Agri.)



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