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Agricultural Microbiology Biofertilizer Projects


Research on Agriculturally Beneficial Microorganisms was started at GAU, now AAU on Biofertilizer in 1979 with special emphasis on Azolla, which was later on strengthened with inception of NARP in 1983.Major thrust to identify and isolate efficient native microbial cultures, which augment atmospheric Nitrogen, solubilize phosphorous, potash and other nutrients for different agro-climatic conditions of Gujarat State. Achievements on research carried out by faculty members through different research projects and postgraduate students on Agriculturally Beneficial Microorganisms are compiled.Team microbiology have explored use of agriculturally beneficial microorganisms for different environmental issues concerned with agricultural ecosystem like mitigation of green house gas (GHG) emission from crops, agro waste bio-decomposition, bioremediation of heavy metals, plastic and pesticides. Moreover, mapping and enumeration of agriculturally beneficial microorganisms in nine districts of middle Gujarat and atlas preparation.Molecular characterization of key PGPRs and listing on NCBI, USA.

Vision and Goal

We aim to develop eco-friendly microbial remedies for crop production and protection for welfare of farming community and protecting environment in long run for future generations, also with evolving new biotech and organic microbiological strategies. As well as to enrich students with Agril microbiology knowledge at UG and PG level to enhance their skill and generate competent manpower.

  1. Professor and Head/Research Scientist/Officer in charge:

    Dr. Rajababu V. Vyas

    M.Sc. (Micro.), Ph.D

    Professor (Research Scientist) & Head

    Phone:+91 2692 260211

    Email: [email protected]; [email protected]




    Research & Teaching: 36 years

    Officiating Vice Chancellor and Director of Research AAU   (01/09/2019 to 14/02/2021).

  2. Hierarchy of PG Students Earned Degree from Department

    M.Sc. (Agri.)

    M. Sc.


    Other students University/ Institutions dissertation  at AAU







  3. RESEARCH:Faculty and Postgraduate students carried out research on Vital Agriculturally Beneficial Microorganisms

Biofertilizers (PGPR)

Nitrogen fixers

Azollapinnata, Azotobacterchroococcum, Azospirillumlipoferum, Rhizobium spp., Acetobacterdiazotrophicus, Derxiagummosa, BGA



Bacillus coagulans, Bacillus circulans, Torulosporaglobasa, Pseudomonas fluorescence (siderophore), Thiobacillus (SOM), Aspergillusniger (avirulent), Trichodermasp, Paecilomycessp, VAM

Potash mobilizers

Bacillusspp, Enterobacter spp.


Agro waste

Pseudomonas spp., Cellulomonasspp., Pleurotus spp., Streptomyces spp.


Emricella spp., Aspergillus spp., Pseudomonasspp



Bacillus aerius, Paenibacillusillinoisensis,

B. megaterium, Staphylococcus saprophyticus, B. subtilissp. spizizenii, B. methylotrophicus


Pseudomonas spp.

Heavy metals

Pseudomonas azotoformans, Bacillus infantis, Bacillus megateriumand Micrococcus terreus

Microbiology of Ancient products

Cow based productsPanchgavya, Bijamrut, Jivamrut

Pseudomonas spp., Bacillus spp., Acinetobacterspp., Rhodococcusspp. etc

Microbial pesticides


Bacillus popilliae, Beauveriabrongniartii, Metarhiziumanisopliae, Rickettsia like organism RLO), Bacillus thuringiensis, Native entomophilic nematodes-Steinernema, Xenorhabdussymbionts of Steinernema





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