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Agriculture is the back bone of agro based industry, it is life line of the Indian economy and contributes one third to the national GDP. Under the changing dynamics of economical and industrial growth, agriculture has to undergo changes with new approaches, therefore, experiential system in agriculture has strong potential for imparting better training of the agricultural technocrats with high level of skill in combination with the modern out-look and management capacity. With respect to these many IT applications are developed to provide better support and education to agricultural academia and farmers. Governments, NGOs, institutions and private organizations have started to create agricultural related sites for the Indian farmers. In order to provide farmer friendly contents for the agricultural sites there is a huge demand for a graduate with knowledge of agricultural domain along with profound software professional.


B. Tech. in AIT, a four-year graduate programme adds one more feather to the history of AAU, the leading Agricultural University of Gujarat. This institute prepares human resources in the field of Agriculture Information Technology (AIT) as a tool to sharpen the edges of the agriculture structure in the country. It takes the onus to develop and hone the sector and its changing environment.

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