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The courses related to Agricultural Extension & Communication were offered to Undergraduate and Diploma students since the inception of the college in 2012, but as an independent full-fledge department it started functionally since 2018. The department aims at accelerating the transfer of agricultural technology through its innovative academic programme to mould skilled extension personnel. The syllabi of Diploma and Undergraduate courses are as per the current trends in agriculture field. The department regularly conducts farmers’ need-based basic and strategic research in the field of extension sciences. The department coordinates RAWE programme offered to the Seventh semester undergraduate students.


  1. To undertake qualitative and research-based undergraduate and diploma level teaching in the subject of Agricultural Extension and Communication
  2. To conduct research on various aspects of transfer of technology, extension teaching methods, constraints, need, impact of programmes organizational management etc.
  3. To train and develop employability skills among the undergraduate and diploma students to meet the need of extension personnel of the different fields


Dr. Bindu M. Christian (PhD)
Assistant Professor & Head
Mob. No.: 9898931215
Specialization: ICT, Agricultural Journalism, Training & Development
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Dr. Nikhilkumar Joshi

Assistant Professor


Mob. No: 9824603013


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The Department of Agricultural Extension & Communication is engaged with three kinds of activities viz; teaching, research and extension. The details of activities carried out by the department are mentioned below


The faculty members of department take theory and practical classes for the following courses.

Diploma in Agriculture

Course No.


Course Title

Ag. Extn. 5.1

2 + 1

Fundamentals of Extension Education

Ag. Ext. 6.2

1 + 1

Entrepreneurship Development

Eng. 1.1

1 + 1

Comprehension and Communication Skills in English

B. Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture

Course No.


Course Title

Ag. Extn. 3.1

2 + 1

Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension Education

Ag. Extn. 4.2

2 + 0

Rural Sociology and Educational Psychology

Ag. Ext. 5.3

1 + 1

Communication Skill and Personality Development

Ag. Ext. 6.4

1 + 1

Entrepreneurship Studies and Business Communication

ENG. 1.1

1 + 1

Comprehension and Communication Skills in English

HVE 2.1*

1 + 0

Human Value & Ethics (Non-gradial)



The department has a good record of conducting farmers’ need-based basic and strategic research in the field of extension sciences. The details of ongoing and concluded research projects are mentioned hereunder.


Concluded Research Studies

  1. A study on scientific knowledge and adoption level of trained and untrained paddy growers of Kheda District
  2. A study on extent of knowledge and adoption of no cost and low-cost technology in animal husbandry of the farm women of Nadiad taluka of Kheda district
  3. Extent of knowledge and adoption of wheat production technology by farmers of Vaso Taluka of Kheda district.
  4. Information needs of Potato growers of Kheda and Anand Districts of Gujarat state
  5. Study on occupational aspiration of students pursuing B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture degree programme at Vaso
  6. A Study on level of Knowledge and adoption of recommended Biofertilizer (Anubhav Liquid Biofertilizer) by paddy growers of Nadiad taluka of Kheda district of Gujarat state
  7. Awareness and Adoption of recommendations made by AAU in Paddy crop
  8. Adoption and Knowledge of Clean Milk Production Practices Adopted by Dairy Farmers of Vaso Taluka of Kheda District of Gujarat
  9. Participation of farmwoman in decision making process with respect to animal husbandry practices in Vaso taluka of Kheda District
  10. Adoption of plant protection measures in paddy by paddy growers
  11. Study of knowledge level of dairy animal breeding practices of farm women in Vaso   taluka of Kheda district
  12. Entrepreneurial ability of youth farmers of Kheda district


Ongoing Research Studies

  1. Attitude of the farm women of Vaso taluka of Kheda district towards dairy farming
  2. Mechanization needs of the farmers

In addition to teaching and research activities the faculty members of the Department of Agricultural Extension & Communication have carried out the following extension activities. The faculty members have provided their extension services as –

  1. Taluka Nodal Officers in state level Krushi Mahotsav
  2. Taluka leader of Kheda district for preparation of District Agricultural Plan (DAP)
  3. Resource Person at Extension Education Institute (EEI), AAU, Anand
  4. Editors of College magazine
  5. Resource persons at different farmers’ training programme organized by State departments
Glimps of Activity


The department has all the advance amenities for the smooth functioning of teaching, research, and extension activities. Some of the important facilities helpful in teaching-learning process are mentioned below.

  1. Workstation
  2. Audio conference system
  3. Video conference system
  4. Laboratory-cum-instruction room
  5. Language laboratory


The faculty members of the department are working in the following thrust areas.

  1. Information Communication Technology in Agriculture
  2. Agricultural Journalism
  3. Training and Development
  4. Risk Management in Agriculture
  5. Agricultural Communication
  6. Need Assessment of the Farmers


Publications by the Faculty Members


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Research Papers in International Journal


Research Papers in National Journals


Short Communication & Review Papers




Books Chapters


Popular Articles


Leaflet/Folder/Booklet etc.


Practical Manual




Awards Won by the Faculty Members


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Best Paper Presentation Award

Dr. Binduben M. Christian

SEEG, Anand, Gujarat



IUC Academic Associate

Mr. Sahdev R. Luhar

Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimla, HP. India




Assistant Professor & Head
Department of Agricultural Extension & Communication
College of Agriculture, AAU, Vaso
Mob. No.: +91 – 9898931215


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