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Plant Pathology - (Department Faculty)

Dr. R. G. Parmar

Dr. R. G. Parmar Qualification : Ph.D.

Designation : Professor & Head
Experience : 16
Specialized Subject : Plant Virology, Molecular Plant Pathology and Seed Pathology
Personal Details :
Phone Mo.9638034617

Dr. N. M. Gohel

Dr. N. M. Gohel Qualification : Ph. D.

Designation : Associate Professor
Experience : 16 Years
Specialized Subject : Seed Pathology, Mycology, Biocontrol
Personal Details :
Phone Mo. 9428657137

Dr. Puja Pandey

Dr. Puja Pandey Qualification : Ph. D. (Plant Pathology)

Designation : Assistant Professor
Experience : 8.5
Specialized Subject : Plant Virology and Biocontro
Personal Details :
Contact 9104099968


Dr. Sneha J. Mistry

Dr. Sneha J. Mistry Qualification : Ph. D. (Agril. Microbiology)

Designation : Assistant Professor
Experience : 6.5
Specialized Subject : Mushroom and Beneficial microbes
Personal Details :
Contact 7043446788


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