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Basic Science and Humanities - (Department Faculty)

Dr. M Kulshrestha

Dr. M Kulshrestha Qualification : M.Sc.(Maths) Ph.D.(App. Maths)

Designation : Professor and Head
Experience : 28
Specialized Subject : Applied Mathematics, Artificial Neural Networks, Mathematical Modeling
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Dr. Dinesh H Patel

Dr. Dinesh H Patel Qualification : Ph. D.,M. A., B. Ed

Designation : Professor
Experience : 19 Years
Specialized Subject : English Language Teaching
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Contact M. 09998677773


Rucha Dave

Rucha Dave Qualification : M.Sc. (Physics)

Designation : Assistant Professor
Experience : 10 Years
Specialized Subject : Application of Remote sensing and GIS in agriculture, Crop modeling, Basic Physics
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Dr N D Patel

Dr N D Patel Qualification : PhD, MSc

Designation : Assistant Professor
Experience : 04 Years
Specialized Subject : Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Modeling
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Dr. Sahdev Luhar

Dr. Sahdev Luhar Qualification : PhD (English)

Designation : Assistant Professor
Experience : 14
Specialized Subject : Communicology and English Literature
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Contact No.: 9724844050
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