Sheth M.C. Polytechnic in Agriculture, AAU, Anand


Following companies, private organizations and other firms were invited for campus placement of polytechnic students. Total 15 students got job in campus placement.

Following companies came for campus placement till date..

1.Narmada Bio-chem LTD.

2.Global Green Agri Nova LTD.

3.DSP seeds pvt. LTD.

4.Nico orgo manures

5.Vnet pvt LTD.

6.Godhrej Agrovet LTD.

7. Swamibapa Agropack pvt LTD

8. Agrostar

9. others


In addition to that Many  pass out student have also got jobs in Govt. sector as Gramsevak, Agri. Assistant etc.









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