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Bidi Tobacco Research Station, Anand

Agro-climatic information

Name of the Agro-climatic zone Middle Gujarat Agro climatic , Zone IIIAgro Ecological Situation (AES) -II
Rainfall The average annual rainfall of last  30 years of Anand is 853 mm
Soil The soil of the farm is sandy loam in texture, poor in organic carbon, medium in available phosphorus and high in potash. Most of the micro-nutrients (Mn, Cu & Fe) are up to sufficient level in the soil. The depth of the soil is more than 30 m.
Temperature Summer : Maxi. 41.5 oC Winter   :  Maxi. 37.6 oC
Geographical Details Climate : Subtropical, Latitude : 22' 35 N, Longitude : 72.55mt.East,Height above sea level : 45.11 m
Soil properties  
Type Sandy loam, highly productive
pH 7.75
Organic Carbon 0.36%
Available N 2 160 kg/ha
Available P 2O 5 60 kg/ha
Available K 2 O 295 kg/ha
Water Quality
EC(dsm -1) 1.1
RSC (meq/lit) Nil
Class C 2 S 1
Fluoride Nil
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