Kapila Gau Shanshodhan Kendra, Minawada




1)      To know the existing status of the   quality of available feeds and fodder and feeding practices of cattle adopted by the cattle owners.

2)      Providing basic data on nutrition of cattle and buffaloes to cattle owners and other persons of institutions concerned with animal nutrition.

3)      Conducting research to have further knowledge regarding new feed resources and feedsupplements and problems faced by cattle owners.

(II) Centre of EXCELLENCE FOR ANIMAL nutrition (B.H. 12971).


1.      To create facilities to impart quality education and training to under graduate and post graduate students, including exchange programme with foreign universities and institutions.

2.      To create Research infrastructure for work in the frontier areas:

2.1 Manipulation of Rumen ecosystem through biotechnological Interventions to improve animal Productivity and testing of genetically modified feeds.

2.2  Develop Area specific micronutrient supplements to enhance animal production and reproduction.

2.3  Establishment of facilities for estimation of anti-nutritional factors in feeds and fodders and their amelioration.

2.4  The effective biomass management techniques and their efficient utilization in feeding of animals.

2.5  Studies on standardization of new diagnostic tests for rumen function in dairy animals.

2.6  Nutritional strategies to reduce the impact of parasitism for improving growth and production in ruminants.

2.7  Studies on nutritional strategies for improved Hoof health in dairy animals.

2.8   Developing nutritional strategies for managing heat stress in ruminant animals

3.   Establishment of modern feed quality testing laboratory.

4. Human resource development: To establish Centre for Training in Animal Nutrition to provide quality training to the Field Veterinarians, Animal Husbandry Officers, Quality Control Officers, Extension Workers and      demonstration to farmers.

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