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Department of Agricultural Biotechnology, Anand



  • Development of new genotypes/varieties resistant to various stresses and improvement of productivity and quality through distant hybridization by crossing sexual incompatible species/genera.
  • Identification of genes/QTLs responsible for stress resistance and quality parameters through molecular breeding and various omics tools.
  • Marker Assisted Breeding (MAB) for yield improvement and quality enhancement in various field, fruit and horticultural crops.
  • Genetic purity and quality testing of seeds/planting material/hybrid seeds for seed certification, uniformity testing and transgenic detection etc.
  • Developments of protocol for micro-propagation and regeneration for economically important crop and fruit plants (eg. coconut, pomegranate, papaya, date palmetc).
  • Clonal fidelity testing of tissue culture raised plants and Sex determination in dioecious crops (e.g. papaya, date palm, pointed gourd).
  • Development of nanoparticles based pesticides, fertilizers and growth regulators for yield improvement.


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