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Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Research Station, AAU, Anand

Medicinal & Aromatic Plant Research Station

Name of Centre: Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Research Station, Anand Agricultural University, Anand
Year of Establishment: 1972-73
           The centre of Medicinal Plants was initiated at pilvai  (Mehesana) during 1972-73 and then sifted to Anand by ICAR in 1975 under earstwhile Gujarat Agricultural University (GAU) and is continuing under Anand Agricultural University since Dt. 01/05/2004. Besides this presently, there are three Gujarat state Government funded projects to strengthen the research and relevant activities of the Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Research Station. Over the period the centre has collected and maintains the germplasm of important Medicinal Crops & about 350 Medicinal & Aromatic Plants spices are being maintain systematically in the garden. The Medicinal & Aromatic Plants serve as green library for education the people and students. One nursery was also established which provides planting materials i.e. seeds, seedling, cutting and plants for farmers and domestic use. Under these project researches in crop improvement, crop production and phyto chemical analysis various Medicinal and Aromatic Plants are being carried out.             
            For everness of Medicinal Plants the technical information of Agro technology is providing to farmers, triables, industrialists, scientist, teacher, students and needy people during their personal visits, farmer training programmes through telephone television and literature too.   


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