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Faculty of Agriculture

Sr No. Name Designation As
1. Dean & Principal............................................................................. President
Dr. K.P. Patel Principal and Dean Chairman
2. The Heads of Departments and Professors teaching subjects assigned to the faculty
Dr. M. V. Patel Professor & Head, Department of  Agronomy Member
Dr. N.J.Jadav Professor(P) & Head, Department of  Soil Science & Agri. Chemistry Member
Dr N. I. Shah Professor & Head, Department of  Horticulture Member
Dr. M.S.Kulshreshtha Professor & Head, Department of  Agril. Meteorology Member
Dr. D.A.Patel Professor & Head, Department of Plant Breeding & Genetics Member
Dr. J. G. Talati Professor(P) & Head, Department of  Biochemistry Member
Dr. P. K. Borad Professor & Head, Department of  Agril. Entomology Member
Dr. A.R.Brahmbhatt Professor & Head, Department of  Plant Pathology Member
Dr. B. A. Patel Professor(P) & Head, Department of  Nematology Member
Dr. N. B. Chauhan Professor & Head, Department of  Extension Education Member
Dr. P. R. Vaishnav Professor & Head, Department of  Agril. Statistics Member
Dr. K. S. Jadav Associate Professor & Head, Department of  Agril. Economics Member
Dr. R. V. Vyas Professor & Head, Department of Agril. Microbiology Member
Dr. D. H. Patel Professor(P) & Head, Department of English Member
Dr. B. D. Patel Agronomist & AICRP on Weed Control Weed Control Project Member
Dr. D. B. Patel Professor &  Head, Department of Plant Physiology Member
Dr.Kalyanrao Patil Assistant Professor,Department of Seed Science & Technology Member
Dr.M.M.Trivedi Professor(P) ,Department of Animal Science Member
Dr. V. J. Patel Associate Professor, Polytechnic in Agriculture, Anand Member
3. Director of Research and Dean Faculty of P.G. Studies….
Dr. K.B.Kathiria Director of Research & Dean, P.G. Studies Member
4. Director of Extension Education…..
Dr. Arun Patel Director of Extension of Education Member
5. Five Co-opted Members
Dr. R. M. Chauhan Research Scienctist & I/c. Registrar, S.D.A.U., SardarKrushinagar Member
Dr. K. G. Patel Principal, College of Agriculture, N. A.U., Bharuch Member
Dr. Y. M. Shukala Principal I/c, College of Agriculture, A.A.U., Vaso Member
Dr. S. R. Patel Principal I/c, College of Agriculture, A.A.U., Jabugam Member
................. Post graduate Student of the College Member
6. Assistant Registrar(Academic), Anand Agricultural University                                                                                        Secretary
Dr. D. H. Patel Assistant Registrar, Anand Agricultural University Secretary


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