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Weed control Project, Anand


  • To evolve suitable, economical and safe method of weed management in modern farming and multiple cropping system
  • To evolve integrated approaches for weed management including cultural methods of weed control under irrigated condition
  • To find out the effectiveness of herbicides under sub optimum dose of fertilizers
  • To find out critical period of Crop-Weed competition in certain crops of the areas
  • Study on weed biology and weed ecology
  • Survey on weed flora and intensity of weeds in different crops commonly cultivated in irrigated areas of the Gujarat
  • Studies on the management of perennial and problem weeds in cropped and non-cropped area
  • Establishment of weed museum for farmers and extension agencies
  • On farm trials in the farmer's field
  • Herbicide residue estimation in soil, plant and water system and their management in crops and cropping systems
  • To study the fate of herbicides in soil-plant system to develop eco-friendly agronomic practices
  • To study the effect of herbicides on soil micro flora
  • To train extension workers and farmers
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