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Micro Nutrient Project, Anand

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The significant role of micronutrients in sustenance of soil fertility and productivity has paved the way to boost-up agricultural production. The “Green revaluation” in the country led to heavy stress on nutrient supply capacities of soils especially secondary and micronutrients. In view of these developments, the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi started the All India Coordinated Research Project on Micronutrients in Soils and Plants at nine centers in the country in 1967; and Anand is one of them. From the VII five year plan onwards the objectives of the centre were broadened by incorporating research on secondary nutrients and pollutant elements. Since then, the center is conducting research on various aspects of secondary and micronutrients as well as pollutant elements.

DATE OF START: 1st September, 1967


To delineate micro- and secondary- nutrient deficient areas of Gujarat and to carry out related studies.


  1. Delineation and GIS based mapping of micro- and secondary- nutrient deficient areas of Gujarat.
  2. Nutrient indexing for forecasting emergence of micro- and secondary- nutrient deficiencies in different soil crop-management system.
  3. Response by important crops to S and micronutrient applications.
  4. Develop amelioration techniques for correction of micro- and secondary- nutrient deficiencies.
  5. Diagnosis and monitoring hazards of heavy metals pollution and trace element toxicities in soil- plant- animal system.
  6. Nutrient interaction in soils and plants.
  7. Prepared Nutrient deficiency maps of Gujarat   


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