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IABMI Students got Five best prizes at National Event organized by NAU, Navsari on 23rd January 2018


Eight students of International Agribusiness Management Institute, begged Five Best Awards in the National Level Agribusiness Management Competition (Agri Innovatia), organized by Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari on 23rd January, 2018. About hundred students participated from different parts of the Country. Mr. Devendra Raghuvanshi credited as the best manager, received cash prize of Rs. 5000/- and a citation in his name. Similarly Miss. Nikita Poddar got First Prize in Debate and Mr. Jileshkumar Patel got First Prize in collage competition. In “case study competition”, Mr. Jaydipsinh Zala, Miss. D. Gayatri and Mr. Jay Trivedi got First Prize. Most attractable segment was “Face Painting Competition” Miss. Shraddha Shah and Miss. Alekya Posanpaly also captured First Prize in that segment. Overall activities have been managed through the mentorship of Dr. Shakti Ranjan Panigrahy, SRC Chairman under the guidance of Dr. Y. C. Zala, Principal and Dean of International Agribusiness Management Institute, Anand.

Annual Day (Zoom-2017) cum Alumni Meet (Kautilya-2017) Celebration on 10th November 2017

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This year Annual Day (Zoom-2017) was conducted on 10th November, 2017. Fortunately, the essence of this annual day was enriched due to occurrence of first Alumni Meet (Kautilya-2017) on the same day. In this special day Honorable Vice Chancellor of Anand Agricultural University, Anand, Dr. N. C. Patel had presided over the function and Dr. Sunil Shukla, Honorable Director of Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Gandhinagar, Chief Guest and also had delivered a lecture on “Entrepreneurship : Need of the Hour”. Dr. Shukla highlighted many contemporary issues in his lecture including Startup, Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneurship Development and awareness about the incentives of the Government schemes for entrepreneurs. He empathetically informed the audience that potential of Agri-Entrepreneurship has not been explored properly in the country. He also evinced interest to have some collaborative project with Anand Agricultural University, Anand. Honorable Vice Chancellor, Dr. N. C. Patel, in his presidential address, interalia, avowed thanked Dr. Shukla, Chief Guest of the function appraise the audience about government sponsored scheme for reaping the benefit of agripreneurs as focused area of the government and student intent to be associated with Anand Agricultural University in future. The function was overwhelmed with the gracious presence of corporate dignitaries, officers of Anand Agricultural University, Students, Alumni and media persons. In the afternoon session a healthy interaction was organized between IABMI Alumni and student, where many issues including changing industrial environment and strategy for addressing the issues in direction of modification the curricula, pedagogue and soft skill etc. The annual day cum alumni meet had been accomplished at the end with a breathless cultural night and a lavish dinner with all members of this institute. All the activities had been planned and executed by Dr. Shaktiranjan Panigrahy, SRC Chairman of International Agribusiness Management Institute with guidance and blessings of Dr. Y. C. Zala, Principal and Dean of this institute.

University Level Elocution and Essay Competition at IABMI in August 2017

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Department of Education, Gujarat Government decided to arrange debate competition at College, University and State level on ખાદી ફોર નેશન – ખાદી ફોર ફેશનas well as it was also decided to arrange debate as well as essay competition on two Gaurav Geet વૈષ્ણવજન તો તેને રે કહીએઅને મનુષ્ય તું બડા મહાન હૈ”. Therefore, Anand Agricultural University has arranged the college and university level competition. The University level competition was held at IABMI, AAU, Anand during August, 2017 in which 13 student in debate competition and 12 students in essay competition participated. Dr. B. D. Bhatt, retired Professor, Dr. M. M. Trivedi, Professor, AAU, Anand and Mr. R. H. Gondalia, Account Officer, AAU, Anand have given their services as referees. The elocution result was declared on both the topics on the same day whereas essay result was announced after two days of the competition. Under elocution competition on the topic “ખાદી ફોર નેશન – ખાદી ફોર ફેશન”, Mr. Varotariya Abhaya J. of Dairy Science College secured first position where as Miss Shivani Bhanvadia of BACA and Miss Mervana Ankita A. of AIT College secured second and third position respectively. Similarly under elocution competition on the topic “વૈષ્ણવજન તો તેને રે કહીએઅને મનુષ્ય તું બડા મહાન હૈ”, Miss Ritika Desai of FPT & BE College secured first position where as Mr. Ashwin Kalsariya of BACA and Miss Swati Patel of BACA secured second and third position respectively. Under essay competition, Mr Parth Chotaliya of BACA College secured first position where as Miss Pipaliya Rinkal A. of Dairy Science College and Miss Ritika Desai of FPT & BE College secured second and third position respectively. Dr. Shaktiranjan Panigrahy, SRC chairman of IABMI, AAU, Anand coordinated and handled all the activities during the events under the guidance of Dr. Y. C. Zala, Principal and Dean, IABMI, AAU, Anand.

Lecture cum Interactive Session on “Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Working Women at Workplace” on 23rd February 2017


The most effective weapon against sexual harassment is its prevention. The sense of security at the workplace improves women's participation in work, resulting in their economic empowerment and inclusive growth. To realize the same, organizations have now a days in place an effective anti-harassment policy. However, that does not mean that there will be no harassment complaints. Having an effective policy and procedures, coupled with anti-harassment training for all staff, assists in preventing harassment and support individuals who are being harassed to come forward and ensure that the problem is addressed quickly and effectively. In this context, anti-harassment cell of IABMI organized a lecture cum interactive session with Dr. Ankita Killedar, Research Scientist and Head (Reproductive Biology Research), and Chairperson, Sexual Harassment Committee of AAU on “Prevention of sexual Harassment of working women at workplace”, on 23rd February 2017, at IABMI conference hall. The lecture was attended by faculty, staff and students of IABMI. Dr. Killedar interacted with the audience on University’s anti-harassment policy. She also discussed about the DO’s and DON’Ts at workplace, along with the ways in which the working environment can be made more conducive for both male and female workers. Dr. Y.C. Zala, Principal and Dean, IABMI, and other faculty members also shared their views with the students and staff. Dr. Ritambhara Singh, Chairperson, Women’s sexual harassment cell at IABMI, delivered the vote of thanks and mentioned that a better working environment helps women in better realization of their right to gender equality, life and liberty and equality in working conditions.

Agricultural Education Day Celebration on 3rd December 2016


It is proposed that on 3rd December 2016 each ICAR institute and Agricultural University will celebrate Education Day by organizing different events. The day has significance as it is the birth day of the first Union Minister of Agriculture of India (Interim Government of India) and first President of Independent India, Bharat Ratna, Dr. Rajendra Prasad. Therefore, to celebrate the occasion an inspirational lecture, by Dr. I. R. Rathore, Retired Scientist, AAU, on “Entrepreneurship in Agriculture with focus on Advance Technologies” was organized by International Agribusiness Management Institute, AAU, Anand. All the students and faculty members attended the lecture and evinced deep interest. Huge economic benefits without any associated detrimental impacts of more than 15 contemporary agricultural technologies including tissue culture and bio-fertilizers motivated the students to take up agribusiness as a successful venture in the career. Apart from speaker, the faculty members also shared their experiences and answered the questions raised. Dr. Y. C. Zala, Principal of the institute, while sharing his experience asked the students to be the Job creators instead of Job seekers and for that agribusiness can help you more than any other area as it has wide scope.


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