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Main Maize Research Station, Godhra

Main Maize Research Station, Godhra

Main Maize Research Station

Anand Agricultural University

Godhra - 389001 (Gujarat)

Phone : Office : +91 9512434177



    The Main Maize Research Station, AAU, Godhra was beginning in 1960, Main Maize Research Station, Anand Agriculture University, Godhra is one the centers of All India Coordinated Research Project (AICRP) on Maize in India.  The station mandated to work on increasing maize production and productivity of this hot-dry state. This center indentified for ideal drought screening site owing to weather parameters and soil type.  Maize is an important cereal crops for the state of Gujarat, largely grown as rainfed and therefore prone to face vagaries of monsoon rains and various abiotic stresses, such as drought and heat stress. Therefore, stress-resilient maize is one of the top priority areas for our institute this centre has come out as an internationally renowned research station on maize crops under the Anand Agricultural University, Anand. For the past years, the station has made tremendous progress in terms of both research accomplishment and infrastructural development under State Plan,


NARP, AICRP, NICRA-CIMMYT and other agency project.


Mandets :

  • To develop high yielding single cross hybrids of early and medium maturing for yellow and white kernel
  • To develop high yielding single cross hybrids in Specialties corn likes Sweet corn, Popcorn and Baby corn 
  • Scale-out the released hybrids through Gujarat State Seed Corporation and also in collaboration with local SMEs
  • Development of production and protection technologies for maize growing area of Gujarat.
  • To identify/develop source of disease resistant against maize diseases for specialty corn varieties, sweet corn, baby corn, popcorn and high corn oil.
  • Dissemination of maize technologies to maize growers through various extension activities  


Salient achievements

Total 5 composite varieties and 7 hybrids are released. Click here

Total 17 technologies are developed Click here

Total 5 varieties are registered under PPV & FRA. Click here

About 766 germplasms are maintained and available. Click here

About 15 Long term projects are in operation at this station. Click here

Total 5 projects/schemes are completed successfully. Click here

About 18 Research papers are published in International journal and 5 in National journal: Click here
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