Main Maize Research Station, Godhra


  1. To develop high yielding, early-medium maturing, biotic and abiotic tolerant genotypes for rainfed kharif cultivation.
  2. To develop high yielding late maturity biotic and abiotic resistant single cross hybrids for winter/rabi maize cultivation.
  3. To develop single cross hybrid through marker assisted selection and double hapliod technologies.
  4. To develop maize germplasm catologue for maintenance and future use in crop improvement.
  5. To develop specialty corns viz., Quality Protein Maize Sweet corn, Baby corn, Popcorn and High corn oil
  6. Identification of public and private single cross hybrids for kharif and winter/rabi seasons through multilocation AICRP on Maize Trials.
  7. To develop production technology of recommended varieties / hybrids for kharif and winter/rabi seasons.
  8. To produce Breeder seed of released varieties/hybrids.
  9. To disseminate and popularize generated technologies through extension education and Front Line Demonstration.
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