Agricultural Research Station, Derol

Transfer Of technologies


The technologies developed at this research station and other stations of university are being disseminated to the various extension agencies, NGOs, farmers and students in the following ways.

  • All  the  staff  members  actively  participate  in  Krushi  Mahotasva  organized by  Govt.  of Gujarat  for dissemination  of  new  agriculture  technology.
  • Participating in the “Krushi  Mela”,   farmers’  days  and  Agril.  Exhibition organized by university  or  other  agencies.
  • Educating  govt.  officials  in  pre – seasonal  training,  diagnostic  team  visit  and other  training  programmes.
  • Conducting  demonstration  plot  and  organizing  field  days  on  farmers’  field.
  • Educating  students  during  Kendra  Nivas  and  to  farmers during  visit of  this station through   personnel / spot  field  visits  diagnosis  and  letter  etc.
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