Agricultural Research Station, Dhandhuka

Agro-climatic information

(a) Name of the Agro-climatic Zone Bhal & Coastal agroclimatic Zone No.VIII
(b) Rainfall Generally , the monsoon commences from end of June and is withdrawn in end of October. Maximum rainfall is received during July & August which is very useful for the Kharif & Rabi crops. The average rainfall of this area is 602.m.m.
(c) Soil The soil of this area are fairly deep with clayey texture(medium black ). The soil reactions shows affinity towards salinity which results in higher pH values of 8.0 to 8.61. The electrical conductivity of saturated extract of soil is 2.25 mmhos/cm at 25°C.
(d) Temperature The area represents the subtropical conditions with semi-arid climate. The lowest minimum temperature of the station is reached in the month of January and considered as the coldest months of the winter season. The temperature starts rising from February and reaches the maximum in the month of May. The months of April & May are the hottest months of the Summer season.The average temprature varies from 12°Cto 42°C. .
(e) Geographical Details Climate : Sub-tropical
Latitude : 22.5° N
Longitude : 72.5° E
Altitude : 39.78
Temperatures varies: 12° C to 42° C
Average Rainfall : 602 m.m.
(f) Soil properties
  Type Clay/Problematic
  pH 8.10
  Organic Carbon 0.40
  Availabke N 142.46 kg/ha
  Available P2O5 14.85 kg/ha
  Available K2O 670 kg/ha
  Conductivity 0.37


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