Agricultural Research Station, Dhandhuka

Research Recommendation (Approved in Joint AGRESCO)


  • 1.  Work out optimum spacing for rainfed cotton on inter row spacing of 120-200 (cm) is found most suitable for rainfed cotton in Bhal Zone.
  • 2. Farmers of Bhal & Coastal agroclimatic Zones growing rainfed wheat are advised to coat seeds with Phosphate cultures such as PBA-14 ( baccillus coagulants net ICBR 1:17) or PBA-13 ( baccillus coagulants net ICBR 1:111) or PBA-12( baccillus coagulants net ICBR 1:7) @ 6 pkts./ha containing 10:8 CFU/g carries at any level of phosphorus to get maximum net realization
  • 3. The farmers of the Bhal & Costal Agro climatic Zone VIII (AES IA & IB) growing herbaceum cotton in kharif season are advised to apply gypsum & FYM @ 3t / ha each for securing higher yield & net return.
  • 4. Farmer`s of Bhal & Coastal (AES 1-A & !-B) are advised to grow wheat (GW-1) at 30 cm. inter row spacing with a seed rate of 50 kg/ha.
  • 4. The farmers of Bhal & Coastal Agro-climatic Zone –VIII growing rainfed chickpea are advised to soak seeds with Thiourea @ 500 ppm (0.5 g / lit. per kg seed) for one hour before sowing and apply two sprays of Thiourea @ 1000 ppm (1.0 g / lit.) at vegetative stage (30-35 Days after sowing) and at flowering stage (40-45 Days after sowing) to get maximum seed yield and net return 
  • 5. The farmers of Bhal and Coastal Agro- climatic Zone – VIII growing rainfed durum wheat are advised to apply first spray of thiourea500 ppm (5 g /10 litre water) at tillering stage (35-40 DAS) and second spray at ear emergence stage (60-65 DAS) to get maximum grain yield and net return.
  • 6. The farmers of Bhal and Coastal Agro-climatic Zone growing rainfed desi cotton are recommended to sow cotton     variety Gujarat Cotton21 at 60 x 30 cm spacing to get higher seed cotton yield.  (In Collaboration  with ARS, AAU, Viramgam)
  • 7. Durum Wheat: Gujarat Anand Durum Wheat-3 (GADW-3) for Bhal and Coastal Agro-climatic Zone



    Year of Release


    Days to Maturity


    1000 Grain wt .(g)


    Spike length (cm)


    Average Grain Yield (kg/ha)

    •  1508 under rainfed condition
    •  2663 under restricted irrigation (Two  Irrigation)

    Disease Resistance

    • Moderately resistance to black & brown rust


    Other Character :-

    Attractive bold amber grains  having  high β-Carotene (2.11 ppm), long spike length, long  awn and Grain color not affected with phenol chemical test.

    10.72% higher grain yield than GW 1 under rainfed condition

    Under restricted irrigation this variety exhibited 19.3, 68.6  and 68.8% higher grain yield than Local check varieties GW 1,GDW 1255 and GW 1139 AND 18.88 and  22.54%   higher grain  yield over National check varieties  AKDW 2997-16    and  HI 8627,  respectively




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