College of Horticulture, Anand



       Horticulture education until 1970 was taught as a part of agriculture curriculum. Realizing the importance of horticulture in promoting livelihood security, economic empowerment and nutritional security, horticulture emerged as a separate discipline. Separate colleges of Horticulture were established with the first college of Horticulture coming in Kerala in 1972. Since then 12 more colleges of Horticulture have been established in the country. Among them only one college of Horticulture & Forestry is at NAU, Navsari but now a days in other 3 SAU's Horticulture colleges started at Anand, Sardar krushinagar and Junagadh.

       The formation of Horticulture Wing was approved by Government of Gujarat wide their letter No. AKV-122011-3207-K-2 Dt.17-4-12. It is affiliated to Anand Agricultural University Anand under the B.A. College of Agriculture, AAU, Anand and started functioning as an independent college from 1st April 2017 with establishment of 8 new departments.

           At present, UG programme is being offered by the college with intake capacity of 77 students and since its establishment (2012), total 250 graduate students have earned their degree. The College has achieved remarkable progress in teaching, research and extension programmes since its inception.

         The COVID-19 pandemic, caused us to move to remote learning and completing academic year on time, our faculty and staff continued the work and started planning to keep updated all the students about the academic schedule for classes, exams, webinars and other activities. Semester Examinations were conducted throughout the academic year by university examination software (OES: and completed all the academic classes and other activities of college through IMPARTUS & Google Meet platform. 

       Also while allowing for work to all the staffs of college during pandemic time, ensuring their safety was a matter of concern. A Campus sanitization programme on 19 April 2020 was carried out  by Anand Agricultural University, Anand in collaboration with Anand Nagar Palika, Anand by sanitizing office buildings, Hostel,roads etc. to prevent the spread of COVID-19.



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