Agricultural Research Station, Sansoli - Nenpur



             Government of Gujarat allocated land at Sansoli-Nenpur village, Kheda district to Anand Agricultural University in lieu of land of North Coat Cattle Breeding Farm, Chharodi in October 2008. Hence, in 2011 the new Agricultural Research Station, Sansoli-Nenpur came into existence with 63 ha land allocation.

            Government of Gujarat had section two plan schemes pertains to research and development of early maturing and high yielding castor variety/ hybrid under irrigated condition and strengthening of farm technology training centre to address the need of farmers of this region.

            As per mandates of research plan scheme, this station is engaged in crop improvement work of castor. With concentrated efforts of R&D work on castor recently one variety (GAC-11) and hybrid (GCH-10) of castor were released for farming community of middle Gujarat and Gujarat, respectively which are early in maturing, high yielding and having resistance to wilt disease. In addition to these, there have been eight new technologies for farming and three for scientific community pertaining to crop protection/production were given by this centre. As per mandates of extension plan scheme number of events viz., field day, training programme, krishi goshthi, khedut shibir etc. were organized to educate farm women and farmers. Therefore, this centre working as a knowledge resource centre for the farmers of Kheda district. It caters to the training needs of the farmers, farm youth and extension functionaries to boost agricultural production and productivity. Crop production technologies developed by SAUs are being disseminated to the farmers through FLD, on farm and off farm training programme, radio talk, T.V. programme and field and farmer’s day by this centre.

           In addition these, the multidisciplinary research work on castor, maize, paddy, pearl millet, groundnut, date palm, common cress, etc.; seed production of various classes of crops like paddy, wheat, groundnut, castor etc. The centre already engaged in production and supply of quality breeder seed of parental lines in sufficient quantity to seed industry and planned to generate seed production technology and provide the training to the private and public seed producing agencies including Seed Certification Agency and also to the farmers as a part of transfer of technology programme.

           This centre is located near Mahemdavad taluka of Kheda district which is 28 km away from Ahmedabad and 45 km away from Anand on Gujarat SH-3. Mode of travel to reach the centre, distance from Nenpur Railway Station is about 5 km and Bus Stop is about 1 km.         

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